Short-Term Solutions Fast

Offering a lineup of IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology, Inuktun designs and builds robotic cameras and crawlers used for structural integrity evaluation and preventative maintenance. While the cost of ownership may be prohibitive to operators, Inuktun offers both rentals and lease options to reduce the need for large capital expenditures. If your tough inspection job or project requires a short-term solution, consider the benefits of renting our IM3™ technology offered at daily, weekly and monthly rates to customers worldwide. Our rental inventory is calibrated and maintained by our in-house service department who make sure everything is functioning perfectly before we send it to you. Every rental ships with a spares kit and operating manual, ensuring maximum time efficiency on the job.

Benefits include:

  • Instant access to the widest range of current IM3™ technology, allowing you to try equipment in a real-world application before committing to a purchase
  • In line with the trend towards outsourcing, allowing your company’s resources to be focused on your core competencies
  • Meet unexpected changes in job requirements
  • Facilitate inspections when purchasing is inhibitive, or when company budgets are not setup to allow capital equipment purchases
  • No maintenance or calibration costs; Inuktun looks after the equipment ensuring your system is in optical working condition upon receipt
  • Complement your existing product/service line without the large investment required to acquire equipment.


Rental Equipment Damage (RED) Protection

Due to the nature of remote inspection, accidents and equipment damage occur on occasion. Inuktun offers a simple, affordable way to protect customers from unforeseen or unexpected costs. The Rental Equipment Damage (RED) protection plan offers coverage and added protection for the most common problems that can occur during rentals:

  • Accidental system damage, such as chassis/camera damage
  • Equipment roll over
  • Tether nicks
  • Impact damage while inside pipe
  • Failure due to electrical short/mechanical breakdown
  • Any other damage as the result of normal system operation

The Inuktun RED protection plan is provided to customers to reduce their risk of destruction and damages to the rental equipment. The RED program offers a convenient way of protecting equipment versus having to contact an insurance broker with equipment change notices — especially on short term rentals.

A non-refundable 20% RED program fee is charged on all rentals, which provides certainty of coverage. It must be used when clients are unable to provide proof of third party equipment damage insurance coverage. Customers may opt out of this program if proof of insurance is provided and deemed valid. In places where proof of insurance is not suitable, Inuktun may choose to negotiate alternative terms.

RED coverage on rental equipment does not include:

  • Damage due to theft or loss
  • Damage due to fire
  • Damage due to gross negligence
  • Liability coverage through customer’s corporate policy or homeowner policy; liability coverage should be covered by the customer’s personal/business insurance policy

Check out this clip of Inuktun's Spectrum 90™ inspection camera used on Discovery Channel's Shark Week, and see why RED fees are worth the investment!

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