Versatrax 150™

Inuktun Pipe Inspection Vehicle

The Versatrax 150  is a modular, long range (450m/1,500ft) internal pipe inspection system capable of operation within a variety of pipe sizes. The inline chassis system is designed for operation in pipe with a minimum internal diameter of 150mm/6in up to 300mm/12in.

Versatrax 150™ in View

minitrac image
minitrac image

Industries & Applications

The Versatrax 150 (VT150) pipe crawler system is a robust workhorse designed for the inspection of long pipelines, tunnels, culverts and other confined areas with a limited number of access points. The VT150 is offered with two standard chassis configurations: in-line for smaller diameter pipes, and a steerable parallel setup for larger pipes or open areas. Built around Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology, the Versatrax 150  is readily adaptable for different Spectrum™ cameras, sensors and tooling to perform comprehensive inspections across a range of industries.

This low maintenance crawler is simple to deploy and can be used both underwater and in dry applications making it ideal for in-service conditional assessments of sewers and storm drains, hydroelectric penstocks, and a range of other pipework found in the oil and gas, nuclear, petrochemical, and mining sectors. Ease of use, operational power and unmatched reliability make the
Versatrax 150 an ideal tool for your unique inspection requirements.

Key Specifications

  • Depth Rating: 60m / 200ft
  • Maximum Tether Length: 500m / 1,650ft
  • Maximum Speed: 9m / 30ft per minute
  • Vehicle Payload: 75kg / 165lb
  • Front Facing Camera: Spectrum 90™
  • Optional: Spectrum 120™ or Spectrum 120HD™
  • Operating Temperature: 0°-50° C / 32°-122° F
  • Vehicle Weight: 40kg / 88lb (with brass Minitracs)
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 737x343x493mm /
  • Standard Components: 2 x 6000 series Minitracs™,
    1 x Spectrum 90™ camera, 2 x 101L LED lights, inline
    and/or parallel chassis and wiring harness, 160m / 500ft tether, Versatrax™ power supply / controller in Pelican® case with Digital Video Recorder and sunlight readable monitor.

“This little workhorse is the backbone of our company…we have found that we can adjust it to any situation quickly and it runs through the line with ease, even when the lines have not been completely cleaned…”

— J. Chad, President, Underground Pipe Inspectors, Ltd .

Built Multi-Mission Modular

Inuktun Standard Product Assembly Chart: Versatrax 150™

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Standard IM3 Options

Custom configurations: see dealer for details

Spectrum 120HD
High Definition PTZ
camera for more detailed
visual inspection

Remote gripper for
object handling and

Unique Features

Sensor Integration

Nondestructive testing tools integrate with the
Versatrax 150™ for remote sensing and tooling

Extended Tether

Travel distances up to
500m / 1,650ft with the
longer tether and
AC-powered reel available
at time of purchase.

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Versatrax 150™ Standard Dimensions