Spectrum 120™

Inuktun Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera

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The Spectrum 120™ pan, tilt and zoom camera offers high quality video and exceptional zoom for in air or underwater inspection and monitoring applications. This robust 480x zoom colour camera, at a diameter of 120mm/4.75in, uses a 525 TV line imager with 1.4 lux sensitivity.

Spectrum 120™ in Sight

Industries & Applications

Incorporating the latest Sony block camera technology, the Spectrum 120™ offers our largest zoom capability and the highest resolution available in a standard definition amphibious PTZ camera. With an incredible 480x zoom and four built-in high intensity LED lights, the SP120 provides superior quality images over extremely long distances. Whether inspecting storage tanks and large pressure vessels, monitoring open areas and underwater structures, or reading and cataloging serial numbers in nuclear fuel pools, the Spectrum 120™ offers unparalleled imaging capabilities.

Available options include portable or PC based control systems, extended length umbilical cables, interlocking deployment poles, parallel laser lines and deep water pressure ratings. And, just like all of the Spectrum™ cameras, the SP120 is available as a complete turn-key inspection package, integrated in Inuktun crawlers or combined with third party design.

Key Specifications

  • Diameter: 120mm / 4.75in
  • Length: 368mm / 14.5in
  • Weight: 2.9kg / 6.5lb (aluminum)
  • Material: Aluminum (optional 316 stainless steel)
  • Depth Rating: 60m / 200ft (300m / 1,000ft)
  • Maximum Tether Length: 500m / 1,650ft
  • Operating Temperature: 0°- 50° C / 32°- 122° F
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.6 lux
  • Resolution: 670 TV lines
  • Focus: Auto or manual (remote)
  • Iris: Auto or manual (remote)
  • Lights: 4 x High intensity variable LEDs
  • Controls: 360° continuous pan, 280° tilt, zoom, focus, lights, lasers, exposure level
  • Zoom: 480:1 (40x optical, 12x digital)
  • HFOV: 56° in air
  • Format: PAL or NTSC
  • Power: Voltage (Nom) = 40-54VDC 75W
  • Focal Range: 100mm / 3.9in – infinity

“The Spectrum 120 camera performed beyond our expectations with excellent zoom and intelligent light and focus control. The camera system was simple to install and easy to operate with the Xbox controller…more than satisfied with the results.”

— Matthew Castle, Development Engineer, Lateral AS

Built Multi-Mission Modular

Inuktun Standard Product Assembly Chart: Spectrum 120™

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Standard IM3 Options

Custom configurations: see dealer for details

Stainless Steel

Depth Rating
60m / 200ft

Optional parallel laser lines for on-screen size estimation
1.5mW, 635nm, class 2, 77mm separation

Unique Features

Control System

Spectrum™ or Versatrax™ controller; Pelican® case; membrane panel with joystick input, video text overlay with keyboard entry, date/time & camera feedback.

Pin-lock Pole

Aluminum pin-lock pole system is designed for ad-hoc or scheduled inspections. Ideal for fuel pools, storage tanks, wells, caissons or almost any hard to reach location, these poles are lightweight and extremely durable. And, because they are modular in design, you can simply add more poles to get to the length you need!

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Spectrum 120™ Standard Dimensions