The applications are limitless with Inuktun's Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology based on customer-focused, adaptable, and proven design. Select your application below or contact our in-house engineering and technical expert team for a specific solution for your remote inspection application.

Pipe Inspection

Pipe Inspection

Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology provides accurate, comprehensive and repeatable assessments, supporting more robust, regulation compliant condition assessments and fitness-for-service industry standards. Our remote inspection systems allow for the planning of preventative maintenance and repairs, saving time and reducing costs.

Tank Inspection

When tank inspectors need to provide structural integrity assessments to owners and operators, they need to provide trend info on deterioration, current asset condition, and recommendations for preventative maintenance and repair in order to certify to industry regulations. Our quickly deployed camera and crawler systems provide this data in real time without the need for expensive scaffolding or rope access. Minimize downtime and ensure maximum tank productivity with our effective lineup of remote visual inspection equipment.

Pressure Vessel Inspection

Because pressure vessels provide one of several boundaries that keep potentially hazardous material contained and out of the environment, it is critical that remote visual inspection and nondestructive testing are performed to certify the compliance and fitness of service of these structures. Inuktun’s adaptable and customer-centric camera and crawler systems are used to detect structural flaws in process plant equipment, giving owners and operators the essential data they need for effective and efficient operations.

Subsea Inspection

Subsea Inspection

Our customer-centric equipment has been designed with the needs of subsea inspection and remote operations in mind; that’s why you’ll find that the majority of our cameras, crawlers, and end effectors offer an impressive depth rating, with dedicated engineering personnel on staff to provide a solution for your specific subsea requirement. Removing the need for manned entry in confined spaces and hazardous areas, Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology provides relevant condition assessments quickly and surprisingly affordably when compared to antiquated methods.

Borehole and Shaft Inspection

Borehole & Shaft Inspection

Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology provides visual inspection in places where physical parameters prevent normal methods from being used. With a lineup of miniature technology to enter extremely confined spaces and potentially hazardous environments, operators can obtain condition assessments on the structural integrity of boreholes, mine shafts, sinkholes, and other underground cavities that are restricted from direct human intervention.

Remote Tooling and Cleaning

Remote Tooling & Cleaning

Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology is not only for your inspection projects; our robotic and camera technologies provide ideal solutions for remote tooling and cleaning in confined spaces, hazardous areas and underwater environments. OnDemand and OnSpec systems are readily adapted for use in Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR), tank and ship hull cleaning (water jets and brushed systems), pipe remediation, and more. Product reliability and ease of use ensures maximize productivity, improves overall quality, reduces risks and lower costs versus traditional methods.

Other Applications

Don’t see your application listed? Our IM3™ technology is used worldwide for a number of different jobs. Contact our expert team to discuss your specific requirements now!