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With a comprehensive lineup of waterproof robotic camera and crawler systems, Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology rises to the most complex industry challenges. In air or underwater, our marine robots provide new options for inspection and maintenance of underwater structures including ship hulls, retaining walls, pilings and more. Our remotely operated equipment can be used in areas that are unsafe or simply impossible to access otherwise, providing significant cost savings and allowing for improved environmental standards compliance and operating best practices.

Oil & Gas

Inuktun’s remote systems and components are used extensively in the oil and gas industry for visual inspection and non-destructive testing of pipelines, caissons, pressure vessels, offshore structures and other confined or hazardous spaces. From miniature cameras and small magnetic crawlers, through to advanced and fully customized robotic systems, our products can be used for a wide range of applications in upstream, midstream and downstream infrastructure.


With the potential for radiation, higher temperatures, confined spaces and dangerous chemicals, the nuclear industry presents some of the most challenging environments for remote tooling and inspection equipment. Inuktun offers a range of cameras, robotic systems and components for remote visual inspection (RVI), non-destructive testing (NDT) and tooling applications in tanks and vessels, pipes, jet pumps, steam generators, fuel pools, and even on the reactor itself.


Petrochemical plants can have hundreds of different pressure vessels, pipes, tanks and structural components that need to be inspected on a regular basis. Inuktun’s camera and crawler equipment allows plant operators to reduce their Confined Space Entries (CSEs), keeping personnel safe and lowering costs. Whether it’s part of regular maintenance (turnarounds) or an emergency evaluation — our innovative, modular technology and adaptable design capabilities provide the flexibility needed to access even the most challenging environments.


Inuktun’s rugged camera and crawler systems are ideal for a range of applications in the mining industry. For regularly scheduled inspections of effluent or slurry pipes, boreholes and other infrastructure, or when emergency situations like a mine collapse demand an immediate response—IM3 technology provides crucial data to operators and owners quickly, safely and remotely.

Municipal Water & Sewer

Municipal systems (sewers, storm drains and potable water) are the largest market for pipe inspection cameras and crawlers. And they include some of the most demanding applications. Lots of other manufacturers offer CCTV inspection products that satisfy the most basic requirements, but Inuktun’s IM3 technology incorporates unique capabilities – including long range operation, custom sensor integration and full high definition video recording and reporting.

Military & Security

When we think of military and security applications, the use of robots is assumed. Cross border tunnels, bunkers, piping systems and containers are all used to smuggle or hide people and materials than can threaten the safety and security of civilians and military personnel. For the most challenging confined and hidden space requirements, Inuktun’s robotic crawlers and cameras can be used where other systems are simply ineffective.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

Companies that build their own remotely operated inspection systems or robotic tools don’t always have the time or resources to design everything from the ground up. For imaging applications or sensor delivery projects, Inuktun offers OEM clients a range of camera and crawler components that are easily integrated into their systems. Best of all, the IM3 modules are proven to work reliably and effectively across a myriad of real-world applications.


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Social Responsibility

Inuktun believes in the best of all possible worlds: leading edge technology and superior quality, coupled with health, safety and environmental awareness. As a key supplier and strategic business partner, we strive to reflect the values of our clients. We assess the environmental impact of all our key processes, products and services, ensuring responsible use of material resources to minimize pollution and waste.