Spectrum 45™

Inuktun Pan and Tilt Inspection Camera

The Spectrum 45™ pan and tilt camera is one of the smallest industrial cameras of its kind. At a diameter of only 45mm / 1.75in, this robust colour camera is available in either aluminum or stainless steel, with a depth rating of 30m / 100ft or 150m / 500ft.

Spectrum 45™ in Sight

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Industries & Applications

Inuktun’s robust Spectrum 45™ camera offers precise pan and tilt capability in an extremely compact waterproof package. Easy to deploy and operate, the system incorporates controls for remote focus and built-in LED lighting allowing
maximum visibility in low light conditions and confined spaces. And, with long cable deployment options and the ability to function effectively in air or underwater, it can be used almost anywhere.

One of the smallest cameras in its class, the Spectrum 45™ is available as a stand-alone system for visual examination inside of caissons, wells, and pressure vessels. When integrated with the Inuktun Versatrax 100™, MicroMag™ or NanoMag™ crawlers, it is ideal for inspecting a wide range of infrastructure including piping, storage tanks and nuclear reactors. And, because the Spectrum 45™ adheres to our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) design philosophy, it can be easily integrated into third party designs including Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), manipulators or pipe inspection systems.

Key Specifications

  • Depth Rating: 45mm / 1.75in
  • Length: 163mm / 6.4in
  • Weight:  0.5kg / 1.1lb
  • Material: Aluminum (optional 316 stainless steel)
  • Depth Rating: 30m / 100ft (optional 150m / 500ft)
  • Maximum Tether Length: 500m / 1,650ft
  • Operating Temperature:0°- 40° C / 32°- 104° F
  • Minimum Illumination: 1.0 lux
  • Resolution:  420 TV lines
  • Focus: Manual (remote)
  • Iris: Auto
  • Lights: 6 x High intensity LED
  • Controls: 360° continuous pan, 280° tilt, focus, light
  • Variable Pan Speed: 0-26°/sec
  • Variable Tilt Speed: 0-12°/sec
  • HFOV: 53° in air
  • Format: PAL or NTSC
  • Power: Voltage (Nom) = 40-54VDC 10W
  • Lens: 3.6mm
  • Focal Range: 5mm to infinity

“The SP45 addresses the market’s shortfall in size, with combined pan and tilt functionality. For entry size, image quality and even subsea applications, this 45mm diameter is the solution… Ticks the box in every respect.”

— J. De Silveria, Director, Nexxis

Built Multi-Mission Modular

Inuktun Standard Product Assembly Chart: Spectrum 45™

Spectrum 45™ Product Assembly Chart


Standard IM3 Options

Custom configurations: see dealer for details



Stainless Steel

Depth Rating

30m / 100ft

150m / 500ft

Sacrificial anodes for subsea applications available

Miniature size for confined spaces

High intensity built-in LEDs for maximum penetration, visibility & image quality

Unique Features

Control System

Spectrum™ or Versatrax™ controller; Pelican® case; membrane panel with joystick input, video text overlay with keyboard entry, date/time and camera feedback.

Carbon Fibre Pole

Telescopic deployment pole for ad-hoc or scheduled inspections in confined, restricted or out-of-reach spaces: length to 5m / 16ft.

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Tether Management

Hard shell roller case with custom foam for miniature cable reel.

Spectrum 45™ Standard Dimensions