Versatrax 450™

Inuktun Foreign Object Search and Retrieval Vehicle 

Designed specifically for hazardous environments, the Versatrax 450™ (VT450) is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications where remote handling and inspection are required. The portable system can be deployed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to inspect, capture, and safely remove dangerous materials from any site faster than by conventional means.

Versatrax 450™ in View

Industries & Applications

Designed specifically for applications in hazardous environments, the Versatrax 450™ is perfectly suited for a range of projects where remote handling and inspection are required. With the crawler, tether reel and system controller all integrated into Pelican® cases, the portable Versatrax 450™ can be deployed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to inspect, capture, and remove dangerous or lost materials quickly and easily.

The VT450 showcases a variety of IM3™ technologies in the flexible system. The Minitracs™ allow maneuverability in confined spaces and over obstacles; the Spectrum 90™ camera can be collapsed to navigate through tight spaces and lifted for a 360 degree view from an intuitive position; the four-function manipulator unfolds from the crawler for remote handling of articles and debris, and includes a second integrated camera allowing the user to closely monitor items during handling; forward and rear-facing LED auxiliary lights allow for high visibility in low light situations.

Key Specifications

  • Maximum Tether Length: 500m / 1,640ft
  • Maximum Speed: 9m / 30ft per minute
  • Vehicle Payload: up to 90kg / 200lb
  • Front Facing Camera: Spectrum 90™
  • Operating Temperature: 0°-40° C / 32°-104° F
  • Vehicle Weight: 11.4kg / 25lb in air without tether
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 511x351x516mm / 20.1x13.8x20.3in
  • Standard Components: 2 x 7000 series Minitracs™, 1 x Spectrum 90™ camera, 2 x 704 lights, 1 x four- function manipulator arm with Mini Crystal Cam® camera, parallel chassis and wiring harness, 160m / 500ft tether, Versatrax™ power supply in Pelican® case with Digital Video Recorder and sunlight readable monitor. Not designed for underwater.

“…with quality video and significant lighting... these robots have proven to be quite capable
of maneuvering through the wet, silty soil..."

— Dr. Michael Mattice, Researcher with expertise in tunnel detection

Built Multi-Mission Modular

Inuktun Standard Product Assembly Chart: Versatrax 450™

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Standard IM3™ Options

Custom configurations: see dealer for details

Extended Tether
Add long tethers for tunnel or large pipe operations

Extended Tether

Unique Features

Intuitive Control

Sensor Integration

Intuitive Control

Easy-to-use multi-joystick controller layout with sensitive controls for smooth operation.

Sensor Integration

Inclinometer, directional compass monitor, chronometer, laser lines and profilers... whatever the job requires, the Versatrax 450™ is ready for modification with whatever sensor information your industry demands.

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Versatrax 450™ Standard Dimensions

Versatrax 450™ Standard Dimensions