Versatrax 150™ Mark II

Inuktun Long Distance Pipe Inspection Vehicle 

Expanding on the original Versatrax 150™, the Mark II is available with up to 1,000m/3,300ft of copper tether cable and can operate in pipes as small as 150mm/6in in diameter. The Versatrax 150™ Mark II can carry sonar, retrieval tools, laser profilers and NDT sensors; with the remotely operated camera/sensor raise motor, the system offers highly detailed inspections of even the most challenging pipelines.

Versatrax 150™ Mark II in View

Industries & Applications

Capable of operating over long distances and a wide range of diameters, the Versatrax 150™ Mark II system is a state-of-theart pipe inspection system with advanced capabilities. The system comes standard with one kilometre (3,300 feet) of copper tether cable, with options for longer lengths using fibre optics. In its in-line configuration, operators can examine pipes from 150 to 300 millimetres (6 to 12 inches) in diameter. For bigger pipes, the vehicle is reconfigured with a parallel chassis, incorporating a remotely motorized camera raise and two high intensity LED lights.

The Versatrax 150™ Mark II is well suited to a variety of inspection applications including sewers, storm drains, hydroelectric penstocks and fish bypass lines, petrochemical and power plant intake pipelines, and difficult to access pipes in
the oil and gas industry. And, like all of our OnDemand Specialty Systems, it is easily customized with an array of optional equipment including high definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras, retrieval tools, laser measurement and profiling systems, sonar and other Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) sensors.

Key Specifications

  • Depth Rating: 60m / 200ft (300m optional)
  • Standard Tether Length: 1,000m / 3,300ft (longer fibre option tethers optional)
  • Maximum Speed: 9m / 30ft per minute
  • Vehicle Payload: 91kg / 200lb
  • Front Facing Camera: Spectrum 90™
  • Optional: Spectrum 120HD™ high definition camera
  • Operating Temperature: 0°-50° C / 32°-122° F
  • Vehicle Weight: 45kg / 99lb
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 714x340x714mm /
    28.1×13.4×18.1in (parallel), 1956mm / 77in (inline)
  • Standard Components: 2 x Minitracs™, 1 x
    Spectrum 90™ camera, 1 x rear-facing Crystal Cam®
    camera, 2 x LED lights, in-line and/or parallel
    chassis and wiring harness, 1,000m / 3,300ft tether,
    rack mount PC-based controller and power supply
    with ICON/InPRO control and reporting software.

“Without the Versatrax Mark II system, SewerVUE never would have been able to
complete a full condition assessment of the entire pipe in less than two days.”

— Csaba Ekes, President, SewerVUE Technology Corporation

Built Multi-Mission Modular

Inuktun Standard Product Assembly Chart: Versatrax 150™ Mark II

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Standard IM3 Options

Custom configurations: see dealer for details

Spectrum 120™
Enhanced zoom capability up to 432x

Spectrum 120HD™
High definition 1080p
video quality for more
detailed inspection

Remote gripper for
object handling and

Unique Features

Sensor Integration

Inuktun’s ICON software
provides the operator with
mouse and joystick controls for all vehicle functions. All sensor data is automatically logged
during an inspection, and can be included with the final video (or still images) using the InPRO reporting software.

Motorized Camera Raise

The Mark II crawler includes a remotely controllable camera
raise motor that allows the
camera to be repositioned on-the-fly during inspections.

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Versatrax 150™ Mark II Standard Dimensions