Inuktun in the Petrochemical Industry

When Ben Franklin coined the phrase “time is money” he wasn’t talking about the petrochemical business — but it definitely applies to the modern industry. When a pipe, pressure vessel or storage tank has a failure, it can be catastrophic in both productivity and safety. The most common practices have maintenance and inspection personnel performing Confined Space Entry (CSE), but this can be costly and dangerous. Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology allows engineers and inspectors to safely and reliably evaluate the conditions in some of the most challenging environments found in petrochemical plants. Changing pipe diameters, bends, vertical sections and hazardous areas can all be accessed with Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and robotic equipment, including options for material handling, tooling, and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

Typical applications include:

  • Corrosion surveys of critical locations
  • Remote inspection of pipelines, ducting, vessels and rail cars
  • Thickness measurement and weld integrity evaluation of infrastructure
  • Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR)
  • Tank floor, wall and roof inspections

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Prevention and Intervention

IM3 technology provides reliable, remote inspection and sampling in confined spaces and underwater — ideally well in advance of even early outward warning signs. Inuktun’s equipment is the key to successful prevention through routine checks in turnaround season, maintenance processes and safety plans. After all, preventing and better preparing for emergencies at chemical plants and other facilities is the top priority for industry, stakeholders, regulatory agencies and communities alike.


Don’t take our word for it — check out these videos and blog story of real-life applications in the petrochemical sector.

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