Inuktun in the Nuclear Industry

Inuktun’s rugged, durable robotic systems are designed to operate under the harshest conditions, even in the nuclear sector. When it comes to remote inspection, our powerful crawlers are made to operate where humans cannot or should not work — in confined, hostile and dangerous environments — with maximum efficiency and optimal reliability.
Consistent, proactive inspection of nuclear facilities is the best assurance of safe, cost-effective operation. That’s why, when it comes to remote visual inspection equipment for the nuclear industry, Inuktun puts the power in prevention. With impeccable craftsmanship and cutting-edge robotics technology, you will see the difference quality makes.
For regular maintenance, during outages, or under emergency situations, Inuktun’s cameras and crawlers can be used to quickly identify and assess the situation across a range of nuclear infrastructure including:

  • Primary and secondary pipes, welds and vessel components
  • Heat exchangers, steam generators, condensers and feed water heaters
  • Reactor vessels and high pressure vessels
  • Nuclear fuel pools
  • Transmission and distribution switches
  • Rotating equipment such as turbines and generators
  • Containment vessels
  • Storage tanks

Nuclear Product Spotlight

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RVI: Better Before. Best Early.

When it comes to top quality craftsmanship and leading-edge technology, Inuktun delivers the best in modular and off-the-shelf remote visual inspection systems providing around the clock reliability. Our mission-critical technology and adaptable design capabilities make it the quality choice for your nuclear facilities’ remote inspection and tooling needs.
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Reliability. Around the Clock.

Almost everything that gets done in a nuclear environment can be considered mission critical. Our proven technology offers unparalleled reliability, accurate condition assessment and more:

Confined space inspection
Foreign Object Search And Retrieval (FOSAR)
Robotic and remote tooling
Corrosion evaluation

and more!

In the Real World

What one of our clients has to say about their customized pipe crawler for inspecting old infrastructure…

“The crawlers had to navigate inclined pipes with a number of bends, which can cause capstan effects on the cable at each bend. So they needed mass, stability, good crawling ability in wet 220 millimetre diameter pipes — and the ability to record radiation in real time from a gamma spectrometer mounted on the unit. Considering the circumstances we were working under, I could not have wished for a better outcome.”

— M. Howse, Project Manager, customized VT150 user

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