Inuktun in the Mining Industry

When it comes to the mining sector, human and environmental risks can only be effectively minimized through proactive, consistent maintenance and inspection of capital assets, infrastructure and working environments. Inuktun’s proven camera and crawler systems include standard, readily available components and custom solutions for assessment of confined spaces and areas that would otherwise be visually inaccessible or hazardous for human intervention. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance is the best assurance of safe, cost-effective operations. That’s why, when it comes to remote visual inspection equipment for mining, Inuktun puts the power in prevention. With impeccable craftsmanship and cutting-edge IM3 technology, you can see the difference quality makes.
Trust our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology to:

  • Evaluate the condition of mine shafts, sumps and boreholes
  • Perform in-service remote inspection and avoid costly shutdowns
  • Detect problems in inaccessible areas before severe damage
  • Support planned, preventative maintenance
  • Confirm compliance with international standards
  • Facilitate the continuing health and safety of mining sites and infrastructure assets
  • Verify new pipeline construction prior to commissioning

For mining corporations, remote visual inspection of facilities and equipment is about maximizing up time, ensuring operational safety and minimizing revenue loss. Securing the right local partner for your remote visual inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) requirements is a key to success. Contact our local offices today for professional service and prompt delivery — even short-term rentals available!

Mining Product Spotlight

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IM3 in Action

Seeing is believing, right? Check out some real-life examples of Inuktun’s cameras and crawlers working in the mining sector.

Client: TESRA S.A.
Product: Versatrax 150™ system
Application: Small diameter pipe inspection
Location: Escondida Mine, Chile

minitrac image

Don’t take our word for it….

“The Inuktun camera and crawler system and permanent support have allowed TESRA to provide pipeline video inspection service with a 100 percent reliability rate since we started this service in 2010.”

— Gerardo Olivares, General Manager, TESRA S.A.

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