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Whether part of a continuous monitoring program or under an emergency response, Inuktun’s cameras and crawler systems help to quickly identify and assess situations that put people, places or national security at risk. As a supplier and strategic business partner with groups like the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Robotics Systems Joint Project Office, and Homeland Security Investigations Tunnel Task Force, along with numerous police and fire departments, Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology has been utilized by industry leaders worldwide.

Our camera and crawler systems can be found:

  • Inspecting for parasitic devices on ship hulls
  • Examining bunkers and cross border tunnels
  • Searching for weapons, people or contraband in hidden areas, shipping containers and storage tanks
  • Assisting with search and rescue efforts like the September 11 terror attack, Hurricane Katrina, and Crandall Canyon mine collapse

Our equipment helps provide security while protecting human and environmental safety. It has always been Inuktun’s mandate not to replace people, but instead provide products that enable access to areas that are too dangerous or remote for direct human intervention.

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Reliability. Around the Clock.

Our IM3 technology offers remote inspection solutions for homeland security, intelligence reconnaissance, border and transportation security, counter terrorism, critical infrastructure protection and emergency response. Ruggedly built, portable and adaptable to clients’ specific requirements, our proven equipment some of the most challenging military and security requirements.

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