Welcome to the art and science of Inuktun

The art and science of IM3™ technology is a very human endeavor taking you beyond what is humanly possible. Our remotely operated systems bridge the gap between you and the physical world, helping you reach the unreachable, see the unseen, and go safely beyond your physical limitations. We make it possible to transform the future.

We recognize that choosing the right robotic technology for your business is a complex decision — one that goes beyond quality, reliability and craftsmanship. We know it’s about identifying the systems best adapted for your precise needs. You require innovative solutions? It’s up to us to understand your questions and provide clear, relevant, actionable answers.

We think a focused, data-driven dialogue is just what will keep us solidly ‘on track’ together. Let’s talk!

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IM3™ Technology

Configurable versus Modular: A Critical Distinction

Unlike merely configurable designs — same basic vehicle, different payload options — truly modular systems recall the Lego® or Meccano® assembly sets of our youth; a single array of components, intentionally designed to support several specifically purposed systems. Like any modular building set, the potential applications of such systems are limitless. Today, every system and component designed and manufactured by Inuktun features our unique, proprietary Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology.

Why rebuild the foundation, or risk generating incompatibility, when prior engineering principles and design techniques have already proven themselves?

IM3™ means significant time savings, cost efficiencies and risk mitigation for customers and end users. Reduced capital expenditures, minimization of downtime, lower exposure to hazardous environments and environmental hazards — plug-and-play equipment saves dollars, and makes sense.

We envision our customers quickly and easily mixing, matching and (re)assembling their own industrial robotic inspection and tooling systems. Without the need for costly and time-consuming intervention by the manufacturer or distributor. Without specialized assistance or expertise. Without even breaking a sweat.

We believe that day is coming, maybe faster than you think…